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Medical Malpractice

I know from personal and profession experience the horror families suffer when a loved one is injured by a medical error. The worst is when the doctors are saying one thing but your heart and mind tell you something else.  Call me for the answers 1-888-760-7339. The difference is I've been there.

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Personal Injury

I have a proven track record of success representing clients involved in serious injury cases. You have the unique opportunity to call  directly to me and ask your questions right over the phone at no cost to you. If I am not the right lawyer for you, I will help you find the one that is right for you.

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The breakup of a family, a home and a marriage has devastating effects on you, your family, friends, and children. You need an attorney with expereince who you can talk with directly and openly.  But Remember, if  it is time to battle, then the gloves come off. Because We Fight for Our Clients.

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You will like that Your Maryland Lawyer is only a call or email away. You're busy and  like that you can get questions answered right NOW.  You need a rental car, You need to see a doctor, You need a Status on your case. You get the answers NOW.You'll like that!

Keith Bartnik The Accident Attorney on ABC News. When Personal Injury Gets Personal with You,  Call Me.


Mr. Bartnik has more than 27 years’ experience working as a Maryland personal injury attorney and medical malpractice and divorce lawyer. In this time, Mr. Bartnik has represented clients in medical malpractice claims, birth injuries, shoulder dystocia or erb's palsy, car accidents, motorcycle accident, truck accidents, slip and fall injuries, and other traffic accidents in Maryland. Mr. Bartnik has proven liability and damages, and has represented clients suffering serious life changing injuries. Spinal cords injuries, Erbs palsy, back injuries, head injuries, fractures, as well as, herniated disk, knee injuries, ankle injuries, facial injuries and shoulder injuries to name just a few. Mr. Bartnik has represented clients in custody cases, alimony claims, property distribution and child support matters. So feel free to call. I am happy to answer your questions.

A Tradition of Winning. Smart, On Target and Effective.

This site is designed to assist you in gathering information for medical malpractice, personal injury and divorce cases in Maryland. As you learn more information you may have questions about the law and your case. In that instance please feel free to call me directly. I will answer your questions right over the phone. 1-888-760-7339. I was born 1956 and raised in Southwest Baltimore (21229) before  there was a 21229. I am the youngest of seven, six boys and one girl. I know hard work and achievement. And I know how to win. You will be hiring me to represent you. I take that responsibility as a fiduciary does. That is very serious. And you have the extra benefit of the love I have to compete and win for my clients and their families. Call and ask me directly 1-888-760-7339, your questions will be answered over the phone and at no cost to you.

Keith Bartnik In The News

Every person who has become the victim of someone's careless decision and actions deserves compensation. Your case will be represented professionally, aggressivley and with personal attention to your needs and concerns.

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Actual Results

1.8 Million Dollar Settlement of Property Issues; $1,000,000.00 Judgment in Property Dispute; $450,000.00 Settlement of Medical Malpractice Claim perforation of small intestine; $350,000.00 recovery for surgery to neck following rear end accident; $270,000.00 recovery for mild closed head injury; $425,000.00 recovery for pinched nerve in back.